Tips For Deep Sea Fishing

Tips For Deep Sea Fishing

Are you considering going out deep sea fishing? If this is your first time, chances are you will be going with a professional guide, as it’s the best way for beginners to get their feet wet. If your experience in fishing has been on freshwater lakes or in shallow waters, it’s important to note that deep sea fishing is an entirely different experience. That being said, here are several tips to help you better prepare for your first fishing venture in the deep sea. Florida offers up some of the best deep sea fishing in the world. From the Florida Keys to fishing The Gulf of Mexico. Clearwater, Florida is one of the main destinations for fishing The Gulf of Mexico. Most Clearwater fishing charters will offer the best overall experience and do all the planning for you.

The Expedition Will Be Dependent on Weather Conditions

This is an important thing to keep in mind. A wind that affects the wave strength plays a vital role in navigation. The skipper will tell you more about this as deep fishing is a risky endeavor. However, with proper precautionary measures, the risks are substantially minimized. If your trip is cancelled because of these reasons, do not feel bad. Fishing charters often set your trip to another date and time immediately, so that you can enjoy fishing safely.

Get All Required Equipment and Materials

If you have hired a charter, you will not have to worry much about equipment as they will provide you with almost everything including licenses, rods, bait and life jackets. Show up with your payment and you will be ready to go.

However, if you will be taking a private fishing charter, ensure you have all the required licenses and safety equipment including reels and rods, specifically meant for deep sea fishing. You can easily rent these materials from fishing outfitters. Most fishing charters will include everything you need.

Dress For The Trip

Chances are you’re going to get wet. As such, you need to wear clothes that you do not mind getting wet and carry a towel to dry yourself off. The glare from the water and boat can be pretty harsh, so bring sunglasses as well. Consider carrying a few layers too. Chances are you will not need them, but if you are out and it gets cloudy or plan to stay until the evening, you will find it quite chilly.

Leave anything that you do not want to get wet or lost back on shore.

Avoid Sea Sickness

If you have a sensitive sensitive stomach, a trip deep sea can become unpleasant when you become seasick. To avoid being nauseated the entire trip, stay above the deck when you start to feel sick and try to look at the horizon at all times. Also, ensure you avoid standing near the engine of the boat as the exhaust fumes will only make things worse. Plenty of more good seasick tips found here.

Use The Birds

Keep an eye out for birds like seagulls diving into the sea. The birds might be trying to catch the small fish that stays close to the water surface, but these schools of baitfish are often a sign that a bigger catch can be found just a bit deeper.

Safety & First Aid

You are going to be out at sea for several hours and that means significant exposure to the sun. To avoid severe sunburns, bring along a high-SPF sunscreen and apply as needed.

If you have never gone deep sea fishing before, it can be shocking to feel how shaky the boat is. If you begin to feel seasick, stay on the deck, where there’s more stability and fresh air. Consider taking some Dramamine just before you leave if you’re prone to motion sickness.

When working with a fishing charter, the boat needs to be stocked with safety and first aid materials. Ensure you know how to utilize them all and you will be fine.

Lastly, bring plenty of water. Exposure to the sun for an extended period makes you lose liquids fast. If you plan to drink alcohol while out there, ensure you supplement with a lot of water as alcohol will only accelerate your dehydration.

Deep sea fishing is one of the most exciting things you can do if you love fishing. There’s a lot to see and experience and it’s an activity that will completely take your mind of the inertia of life back on-shore. Additionally, it lets you add to your personal achievements. With the tips mentioned above, you will be able to have a positive experience every time.

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